Ransacked and Lived in

She looked at the room with tired eyes – the kind that felt worn out, like maybe there were just lumps of coal in the sockets where her eyes were supposed to be – and she wondered.  She did it lazily, because the blood in her veins and arteries was thick like maple syrup, and … Continue reading Ransacked and Lived in

My Internal Monologue: Thoughts from the University Library

Hey everyone!  My roommate made me go with her to the library to study today.  I thought I'd provide some of my positive, uplifting thoughts I had during my visit. Enjoy. It’s really cold in here. Will this be on the exam? I doubt it, but if I don’t take notes on it, twenty bucks it … Continue reading My Internal Monologue: Thoughts from the University Library

It’s here.

It’s here.  It’s all-nighters, it’s textbooks, it’s blood, sweat, and tears. It’s realizing that there are a lot more people in your anatomy lecture than you ever guessed. It’s wondering where everyone staking out at the library has been all semester, and wishing they understood that the quiet floor means you can’t run your stupid … Continue reading It’s here.