Hey everyone!  My roommate made me go with her to the library to study today.  I thought I’d provide some of my positive, uplifting thoughts I had during my visit. Enjoy.

  1. It’s really cold in here.
  2. Will this be on the exam? I doubt it, but if I don’t take notes on it, twenty bucks it will be.
  3. I think I’m braindead. Someone needs to pull the plug and let me go in peace.
  4. If I stop taking notes right now, is it possible to get at least a 90 on this exam?
  5. It’s cold in here.
  6. How the hell did I get through that album so quickly? It’s like an hour long.
  7. Exams are dumb, and apparently so am I.

    My sophisticated notes.
  9. This library is as cold as my heart.
  10. I should’ve brought a sweater. Why didn’t I bring a sweater?
  11. According to this psychology textbook, everyone is dumb and ignorant.
  12. Am I hungry, or just bored? Probably the latter, but I’d better eat this snack just in case.
  13. I need more coffee.
  14. It’s cold in here. Did I mention that already?
  15. If, hypothetically speaking, I don’t study and fail this exam, hypothetically, would I still pass? Hypothetically speaking, of course.
  16. I’m sleepy. And cold. And hungry. This is officially torture.
  17. Okay, I’m only going to spend four minutes taking notes per page, and then, if my calculations are correct, I’ll be done in….three days.
  18. Never mind about getting stuff done in advance. I’ll just do everything the night before and then blame my apathy for it.
  19. Is there any possible way for me to get eight hours of sleep in four hours? What if I listen to REM while I sleep or something?  Will that work?

    Unlikely to aid sleep.  Likely to make you worry about the world ending.
  20. The library gets that air conditioning is for the summer, right? And that we use the heat in December?
  21. I want another latte.
  22. I bet everyone else in this library is being productive except for me. Look at them and their intense concentration.  I bet they’ll pass their exams.  I bet they had a sufficient coffee intake.
  23. Strangely enough, the longer I take notes, the more my spelling abilities decrease.
  24. The people who graffiti on the carrels are weird. And broken. I hope they’re doing better now.
  25. Why do I have to work for things in life? Why can’t I just take naps and pass all my classes?
  26. I have no idea how I ever get through finals. I wonder how I’m going to pull it off this time.
  27. At this rate, I’ll finish taking notes on this chapter by my fortieth birthday. Perfect timing.
  28. If I were in elementary school right now, I’d be sipping hot chocolate and watching The Polar Express. Which is way better than what I’m doing, even if the CGI in that movie is a little creepy.

    A photo taken of me, at the library.  Lookin’ classy. 
  29. My professors hate me.  That’s what this study guide is really teaching me.  How many points would I get if I wrote that on the essay portion of the exam?
  30. I am visibly shivering. Like a stressed, collegiate Chihuahua.  This library is so cold.

Does, you ask, my roommate read this blog?  On occasion.  Is it possible, you conjecture, that this post is a passive-aggressive gesture in her direction?  Of course not…

Enough about me and my roommate.  What about you?  What are your final exam thoughts, library-centered or otherwise?  Like and comment to let me know.  Oh, and by the way, everyone that’s unique, beautiful, and totally awesome clicks the follow button.  You should too.  (Wink.)  Good luck with exams this finals season.  Or whatever.

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