For anyone who’s wanted the world to themselves

I think everyone should get to have an afternoon where everyone else vanishes and they have the world to themselves.  Because right now, I’m craving an October afternoon where the campus is dead silent, and purple-grey clouds break for haloed sunlight and outline the trees’ bare branches, twisting upwards.  There would be a steady breeze of not-quite-cool air, and it would rustle the disembodied leaves and conduct the symphony of autumn.  The library would be empty and quiet, like its deep in thought and not to be disturbed, and I’d be in the heart of its careful consideration, life in a graveyard of old books, growing dizzy as I weave in between the stacks, feeling light in weight and heavy in thought.  Then I’d venture outside and lie down in the street and stare at the clouds, saturated with sunset.  I’d see long dead authors and their fingertips smeared in ink, I’d see the sun slouching away.  I would project my treasured isolation onto the sky.  I wouldn’t be able to tear my eyes away, a horizon full of receding sun and wispy beards of authors crumbling to dust, my solitude stretched out before me.  A sky full of everything slowly ceasing to exist.  I would rub the backs of my fingers along the asphalt so I don’t float away with it, dreaming of bliss in the sky at dusk.

In the dwindling light, I would boil myself a cup of cinnamon tea at home and then walk along the canal wearing my jacket, sipping warmth and a little bit of sweet to complement the cold.  My hands would be chilly, but my lips would be warm, and I would walk everywhere by street lamp light, admiring the empty gondolas and rowboats and then the little houses over the bridge and the empty streets where they slept.  And just before midnight, I’d take the elevator of the tallest building in the city up to the highest floor and marvel at my little city steeped in silence, and when I trotted off to my apartment, I’d listen closely to the sound of wind howling against the concrete, and close my eyes in a city that belonged to me.


I realize it’s the middle of July, but today I caught myself dreaming about fall, and then my hand slipped on my keyboard, and here we are.  This is a little bit different than what I usually write, it’s getting artsy on my blog today.

But what about you?  Are you ready for fall?  Would you like July to stick around a little longer?  Was this post really weird and out of character?  Let me know in the comments below.  If you blinked while reading this, like this post and subscribe to my lovely blog or whatever.

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