La Dolce Far Niente

The place where I live is covered in old snow.  Snow that’s been cleared off the streets, snow that’s been long since deposited on the curb.  And the air has taken to mingling with fierce winds and negative numbers.  The nights are a little brighter, though: not everyone has gotten around to unplugging their Christmas … Continue reading La Dolce Far Niente

Coffee Tables, Rabbit Holes, and the Universe

I have a hypothesis about Lewis Carroll when he wrote Alice in Wonderland.  I think he was busy getting stoned when his publisher called him and told him that he wanted the final draft on his desk by noon tomorrow, and that Carroll , in his compromised state, slouched in front of his typewriter and … Continue reading Coffee Tables, Rabbit Holes, and the Universe

My Little Room

“Well you’re in your little room, And you’re working on something good, But if it’s really good, You’re gonna need a bigger room.” -The White Stripes, Little Room I adore the song Little Room by the White Stripes.  And, dear readers, right now, I’m in a little room.  But I’m working on something good.  And … Continue reading My Little Room