Minimalism of the Mind

I have to adult for two whole months this summer: I’ve (sort of unwittingly) acquired a full-time internship.  I’m really excited; it means I get to perform undergraduate research concerning the social aspects of schizophrenia-spectrum disorders (a mouthful, I know).  I’m also taking a (boring) online class, and working on a separate project for the … Continue reading Minimalism of the Mind

My Imaginary Pigeon

About six months ago, I went through an especially painful breakup with Netflix.  I swore my ex off, lamenting all the time I lost in my less-than rewarding relationship.  In short, I wanted my productivity back.  The result?  At first, it wasn’t revolutionary.  I spent much of the time I would’ve spent binge-watching shows scrolling … Continue reading My Imaginary Pigeon

On Incubators, Citizenship, and Quiet December Evenings

I used to believe in the power of social media.  I remember my mother, smiling, on the day that marriage equality was legalized across all fifty states.  She told me that social media had done it, that Facebook and Twitter, of all platforms of communication, had saved the day. We were all thinking it.  Looking … Continue reading On Incubators, Citizenship, and Quiet December Evenings

Social Media and Millennials Like Me

Yes, everyone.  I am going to be a stereotypical millennial and write about social media.  I’ve been sitting on this topic for a while, because it’s a little overdone.  There’s articles criticizing social media.  There’s articles defending it.  We talk about it until our mouths run dry and write about it until our fingers bleed. … Continue reading Social Media and Millennials Like Me