Minimalism of the Mind

I have to adult for two whole months this summer: I’ve (sort of unwittingly) acquired a full-time internship.  I’m really excited; it means I get to perform undergraduate research concerning the social aspects of schizophrenia-spectrum disorders (a mouthful, I know).  I’m also taking a (boring) online class, and working on a separate project for the … Continue reading Minimalism of the Mind

On Resolve and Pill-Swallowing

It has been drawn to my attention that the new year is fast approaching.  It has also been drawn to my attention that this arguably arbitrary celebration of the passage of time requires a resolution.  And a resolution requires resolve to do whatever it is that you’ve pledged to do in aforementioned well-meaning resolution. And … Continue reading On Resolve and Pill-Swallowing

Expectations and Other Collegiate Problems

If you’re failing on your six-month old New Year’s resolution, don’t worry. I don’t even remember mine. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the kind of person I want to be.  As I get older, and as adulthood is starting to turn into my reality, I can’t help but think about how I ‘turned out’.  My … Continue reading Expectations and Other Collegiate Problems