The Slowness of Things

It’s the slowness of things that I believe in.  If you, and you alone, took a private jet to the Bermuda Triangle, it wouldn’t really matter to our earth, our ozone layer.  But if every rich person did, it suddenly would.  It’s the same with your economy-class ticket, your sirloin steak, your beloved can of … Continue reading The Slowness of Things


I always wondered what it was like, before I was born.  I suppose I couldn’t see or feel anything.  But I can’t imagine a lack of vision and feeling.  When you’re human, all you do is see and feel.  Geometric figures dance when you shut your eyes in the dark, in colors both vibrant and … Continue reading anthropomorphism

Coffee Tables, Rabbit Holes, and the Universe

I have a hypothesis about Lewis Carroll when he wrote Alice in Wonderland.  I think he was busy getting stoned when his publisher called him and told him that he wanted the final draft on his desk by noon tomorrow, and that Carroll , in his compromised state, slouched in front of his typewriter and … Continue reading Coffee Tables, Rabbit Holes, and the Universe