Minimalism of the Mind

I have to adult for two whole months this summer: I’ve (sort of unwittingly) acquired a full-time internship.  I’m really excited; it means I get to perform undergraduate research concerning the social aspects of schizophrenia-spectrum disorders (a mouthful, I know).  I’m also taking a (boring) online class, and working on a separate project for the … Continue reading Minimalism of the Mind

Social Media and Millennials Like Me

Yes, everyone.  I am going to be a stereotypical millennial and write about social media.  I’ve been sitting on this topic for a while, because it’s a little overdone.  There’s articles criticizing social media.  There’s articles defending it.  We talk about it until our mouths run dry and write about it until our fingers bleed. … Continue reading Social Media and Millennials Like Me