It’s been a while.

I’ve avoided blogging for months on end.  As I feared it would from the start, writing fell to the back of my to-do list for the past few months, and landed somewhere between “reading for pleasure” and “deep cleaning the fridge”.  Occasionally, I would start writing something, and then abandon it three or four paragraphs … Continue reading It’s been a while.

Write the Thing

If this is terrible, it’s not my fault.  I have a half hour before class, and it’s not enough time to write something good.  Especially because I’m in a public, loud, and crowded place, and those kinds of places are not the kinds of places I like to write in.  Or be in.  Come to … Continue reading Write the Thing

Sailboats and Blogs

Ah, the terrors of the blank, white page, and the expectant, blinking cursor.  Waiting.  Judging.  Hoping.  But what about the anxiety of a page full of words?  Here’s a little secret, my fellow bloggers and friends… I write posts I never post.  All the time.  It’s sort of its own separate little hobby. I wonder, … Continue reading Sailboats and Blogs

The Genuine Self and Other Myths

Like most people, my online presence is very different from how I act in person.  For one, I never say, “Here’s the top 25 worst things about long car rides” and proceed to list each and every one. But there’s other things too. My sass level on this blog is what I would call moderately … Continue reading The Genuine Self and Other Myths

My Little Room

“Well you’re in your little room, And you’re working on something good, But if it’s really good, You’re gonna need a bigger room.” -The White Stripes, Little Room I adore the song Little Room by the White Stripes.  And, dear readers, right now, I’m in a little room.  But I’m working on something good.  And … Continue reading My Little Room