The last place I expected to be hit on was a poster session.  I mean, it’s a conference where people bring three-foot long glossy posters and explain their research to passerby.  Which was exactly what I was doing: giving elevator pitches to all that dared make eye contact with me.  It was a Thursday afternoon, … Continue reading Waffleboi

It’s Facebook Official

It’s Facebook official: I am the most awkward person in human history.  I have few talents, but I’d have to say that making people generally uncomfortable in my presence is my specialty.  What, you ask, has spurred from within me this God-ordained proclamation? Yet another social interaction in which I made everything awkward and terrible.  … Continue reading It’s Facebook Official

On Resolve and Pill-Swallowing

It has been drawn to my attention that the new year is fast approaching.  It has also been drawn to my attention that this arguably arbitrary celebration of the passage of time requires a resolution.  And a resolution requires resolve to do whatever it is that you’ve pledged to do in aforementioned well-meaning resolution. And … Continue reading On Resolve and Pill-Swallowing

My Personal Nuclear Disaster: A True Story

No one should have ever left me home alone in the first place.  It was a weight I was unprepared for, with a punishment so decisive and swift it would leave me devastated.  But I can’t go back in time.  I can’t change what I did.  And to this day, my mistakes haunt me. I … Continue reading My Personal Nuclear Disaster: A True Story