I’ve avoided blogging for months on end.  As I feared it would from the start, writing fell to the back of my to-do list for the past few months, and landed somewhere between “reading for pleasure” and “deep cleaning the fridge”.  Occasionally, I would start writing something, and then abandon it three or four paragraphs in.  I thought about my blog, I intended to blog, and then I didn’t.   This cycle repeated itself over the course of a tumultuous semester in which I took eighteen credit hours and did research and probably didn’t sleep as much as I should.  Whenever I did have down time, I would watch YouTube videos until my eyes bled, or I’d take a nap, because I was usually too tired to do much of anything else.

You know, in case anyone wondered how my semester went.

Anyways, since I haven’t posted in so long, I thought I would go ahead and list some excuses before telling everyone that I expect to be blogging regularly again.  (As if, you know, ‘regularly’ is how someone would describe my posting schedule.)  And then I put that off for a while because as much as I wanted to acknowledge my unplanned leave of absence, I didn’t want anyone to think that my ego is so inflated that I thought my lack of blogging has seriously impacted anyone.

But, eh, call me a narcissist, I’m going to do it anyways.  I’m on break, my insane semester from hell is over, and I’m back to managing my piss poor blog.

Cheers or whatever,


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