As I was getting ready for bed today, I glanced at my laptop.   It was sitting on top of my comforter, resting against my pillows, looking lightweight and unassuming.  Innocent, even.  Shiny from my cleaning binge yesterday when I scrubbed all of its corners and keys and crevices with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. laptop

Damn it, I thought to myself as music blasted through my earbuds, I haven’t written anything today.


And it was true; I hadn’t.  I hadn’t worked on any of my extensive writing projects, (I have three), I hadn’t drafted a blog post, hell, I hadn’t even banged out an email.

I’ll write tomorrow, I decided.  I’ll do it.

But to hell with that.  I needed to write today.  I needed to write anything. But most of all, I needed to write uninspired.

It’s easy to write when you’re aching for your keyboard.  For me, that’s when I’m feeling particularly angry, or stressed, or sad or nostalgic.  (Why is your tone always so sassy and instructive, Anna?  Why do you always write like you’re pissed off, Anna?  What’s your deal, Anna?)

But I think that it’s important to write when you’re just, you know, feeling normal. (At least normal for you.  We’re not talking about actual normal people here.  I’m not sure that they exist.  Or at least, I’ve never met one.)  Regardless, I think it’s important to write when you’re feeling fine.  Not necessarily because you’re going to write the next great American novel, but because it keeps you sharp.  For when you are angry or sad or deeply wronged.  For when you do have something you need to tell your keyboard.  For when you have something to tell the world.

For when the most urgent message you have isn’t that everyone should remember to clean their keyboards regularly because this is the first time in like two years your laptop keys haven’t felt greasy, and you’re typing faster than ever because there’s more friction to hold your fingers on the right keys and oh my god it’s so great you could type forever even though you really have nothing to say. keys

And hey, if you’ve made it this far, you might agree that writing when you’re feeling uninspired (save a super clean keyboard, which, I must admit, does kind of make me feel like I could take on the entire world) can provide you with something at least mildly interesting.  But what about you?  What have you been writing?  Do you write when you’re feeling completely normal?  Let me know in the comments down below.  If you blinked while reading this, like this post and follow my lovely blog.  Or don’t.  I’m not your mom or whatever.

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