I have a theory that the most judgmental people in this world are the ones that blab on and on about spreading happiness and positivity.  While there might actually be some genuine ones, I think most of those people are stuffed full of themselves.  I mean, positivity has a time and a place, but it’s not really that helpful in like, most situations.  A cheery, “It’s not so bad!” is fine when it rains on your picnic and you have to go inside, but I think positivity can also be used to justify complacency.  It makes me think of all the people that have told me they don’t follow the news, because it’s just so negative.  It’s one thing to be sick of hearing about Stormy Daniels, but it’s another to ignore politics and then not know how to vote, or to ignore children being shot up in schools and sit around on your behind when it’s time to go to your capital and march.

Because here’s something no one ever says: Anger motivates.  Anger is when you draw a line in the sand and say, “No more.”  Anger is a platform for conviction.

And friends, I got a whole lot of conviction.  Guess what else I have too?

Me, at this rate.

And yeah, anger can motivate violence.  Too much of any one thing is just that: too much.  There’s a difference between using anger to be aggressive and using it to make (wait for it) positive change.  Do you want to make schools safer for children?  Get angry and then go do something about it.  Do you want to make the world a better place for women?  Get pissed off and then go protest, or use your social media (including WordPress) to write about it.  I’ve done both, by the way.

The angry women get shit done.

And when it rains on my picnic, you know what I say?  F***  this.  What complete and total BS.  I packed a damn sandwich and everything.  And my friends would probably agree, and we’d all start bitching about the weather, and insulting the storm for screwing up our day.  And by the time we made it home, soaking wet and frozen to the bone, we’d all be laughing anyways.

Did this post just fill you with rage?  Are you inconsolably pissed off?  If you’re a seething ball of spite, like this post and follow my lovely blog.  Or don’t.  I won’t be mad or whatever.



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