If this is terrible, it’s not my fault.  I have a half hour before class, and it’s not enough time to write something good.  Especially because I’m in a public, loud, and crowded place, and those kinds of places are not the kinds of places I like to write in.  Or be in.  Come to think of it, I generally avoid loud, crowded places so I can hear myself think.

Where I basically wrote this


But I digress; this is the reality of running a (piss poor) blog in college.  You don’t always have all the time you want to do the things good bloggers are supposed to do – read tons of other blogs, brainstorm original blog posts (if they exist), or fix all your typos.  This semester has been great, in terms of my academic and campus life.  For my blog?  Not so much.  Every hour I spend studying is an hour not spent blogging (or sleeping).  And so sometimes I’m stuck typing away next to a lady two seats over that is having a very loud phone conversation.  (Stephen doesn’t really understand what she’s talking about, she keeps having clarify herself.  Come on, Stephen.  Get with the program, Stephen.)

And sometimes I get mad at myself for not blogging as regularly as I’d like.  Or I spend days editing one blog post before deciding to quit all together because there’s nothing there, because it sounds okay but not good, or because I have to write three essays for three different classes and it’s not demanding enough to be done.  But I usually post at least twice a month.  And that’s two times more than zero times a month.

I think.  I kind of suck at math.

But the principle remains the same.  I’m doing it.  And to all the other busy college bloggers: Here’s to us.  Writing the thing.  Posting the thing.  Even though we can see that it’s flawed.  Even though we fear other people will think poorly of us, of our writing.  Even though we’re stuck in a crowded, public space (and Stephen really isn’t getting it). stockphoto girl

I hope you enjoyed my flawed blog post.  Cheers to minimal typos and Stephen.  If you blinked while reading this, please like this post and follow my lovely blog.  Or don’t.  I’m not your mom or whatever.

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