It is said that the second semester in college puts senior apathy to shame.  It’s cold, for one thing, in most places.  January and February are long, dark winter months full of snow and ice.  Once it all melts into spring, no one wants to stay inside and do their homework.

But now, you’re going to want to.  Because I, ladies, hold the key.  I have the answer to your second-semester quandaries.  Take it from me, I don’t monetize my blog.  I’m broke whether you take my advice or leave it.  This is in earnest.  From one college woman’s heart to another.

Every time you don’t want to study, think about how educating women has, albeit slowly, lead to the erosion of the patriarchy.  However, in recent times, we have begun to see just how prevalent that damn circle of white men is.  In some ways, it’s encouraging.  See you later, Al Franken.  Ádios, Louie C.K.

a rosieIn other ways, it’s not.  The guy that thinks that you can do anything when you’re a star continues to prove his point by being the president of one of the world’s most powerful countries.  And doing a terrible job of it.  I mean, they’ve banned the CDC from using the term fetus and have suggested they replace it with the term, “unborn child”.  Why they’re banning the scientific is unknown to me, but I have a feeling they just want to ban abortions.  Which is odd to me, they’re about to kill a bunch of children through cutting their healthcare, anyways, so it’s not like they care about that.  Obviously they don’t want a bunch of minors running amok through our great nation.  It’s an understatement to say that they’re unconcerned with that.

Except for Roy Moore, but he has a conflict of interest, doesn’t he?

So, ladies, we need to set the patriarchy ablaze.  They’ve done a terrible job running the world, and I, for one, am absolutely fed up with it.  I’m taking off my gloves and I’m going to play dirty.  That’s right.  I’m going to get an education.  And a damn good one, at that.  My knowledge and my role in the world, and in the future in the workforce, will help to make equality among the sexes.  Every time I don’t want to study, I just think about Donald Trump and how badly he wants me to stay powerless.

Graduate school?  Hell yes.  A good internship?  Done.

As my mother says, “I will warm my hands on the fire of the burning patriarchy with glee.”  And I don’t know about you, but I’m going to outstudy all the men next semester.  And you should join me.  Let’s inflate the GPAs of women worldwide.  Let’s empower each other, let’s be leaders, movers and shakers, let’s advocate for our damn selves.

Cheers, bitches.  Let’s show this next semester and the patriarchy what we’re made of.


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