Yes, everyone.  I am going to be a stereotypical millennial and write about social media.  I’ve been sitting on this topic for a while, because it’s a little overdone.  There’s articles criticizing social media.  There’s articles defending it.  We talk about it until our mouths run dry and write about it until our fingers bleed.

But you know what?  I don’t really think it’s changed a damn thing.  We nod, we tell ourselves that we’re going to be better about it, we delete a few apps and then just end up searching for them on Google.  It’s addictive.  It’s toxic. It’s a time waster.

But everybody is addicted.  And right now, it’s cool to be addicted.  It’s not just tolerated.  It’s not just accepted.  It’s encouraged. And why not?  Who doesn’t like a good meme?  Who is actually impervious to clickbait?  Who doesn’t want to be in the loop?

Just for the record, I’m not writing this as a person that’s never on social media.  I’m not on my high horse, dictating to the peasants below.  My blog is social media. (I’m a coffee addict, not a hypocrite.)  I follow tons of youtubers.  I stare at Pinterest and then go drink things out of mason jars.  I respond to everything anyone tags me in on Facebook.

I have several Snapchat streaks that are over 100 days.

Jimmy Rainbow.gif

Friends, I am addicted.

I stopped watching Netflix.  It hasn’t been too big of a problem.  But I can’t imagine quitting social media.  And not just because I’m scared to lose my endless scrolling.  I’m scared for my relationships with people.

Social media is huge when you’re a millennial.  And yes, it’s fake.  No one is telling the truth about much of anything.  Social media is a platform for your life, but polished.  It’s wittier, it’s prettier, and it’s cooler.

Not to mention that no one texts anymore.  It’s all about the messaging features of Instagram and Snapchat.  I’m a part of several ongoing group chats on these sites.  It’s how I communicate with my friends when I’m not physically with them.

Chatting in person is no better.  When you’re hanging with friends, people reference trending topics all of the time.  Buzzwords come and go, and social media is where you discover them.  You don’t want to have to ask your friends what something means.  You need to know it.  Trends are milliseconds long.  Once someone that’s over the age of, say, 29 or 30 knows about it?  Yeah, it’s not cool anymore.  You have to move on.

It’s unheard of for someone my age (I’m like twenty-ish) to lack Snapchat.  Even prehistoric Facebook is necessary.  There are Facebook pages for clubs at my university.  And if you want to stay involved and get reminders for events (or post them, if you’re said event planner), guess what?  You have to use Facebook.


It’s hard, really, to even make selections about which social media sites you want to use.  Each has its own unique purpose.  WordPress, I’d never give you up.  (Or let you down.  Or turn around and desert you.)  I love being a blogger.  I love reading the fantastic articles written by other bloggers.  It’s a hobby for me, not a time-waster.

But Instagram?

What the hell have I ever gotten out of Instagram?

Am I going to give it up though?  No, because the messaging app is the way a bunch of my besties from high school chat during the school year.

I try to end my blog posts with solutions.  But if I’m writing with raw honesty, if I’m being genuine, I’d say that I do not have one.  Because, yes, I have the option of setting my phone aside, and sometimes I do.  But people get angry with you when they don’t hear back from you right away.  Because one more downside to the digital age is that you’re expected to respond to everyone constantly.

“Why do you take so long to respond to my texts?” or “I messaged you on Snapchat like two hours ago and you never opened it!”  Those remarks are my life.  I’m expected, and most of us are, to constantly check my phone.  What if someone needs me?  What if someone gets mad because I’m not responding fast enough?

It’s taxing.  It’s addicting.  And I, for one, can’t stop.

But what about you?  How do you deal with social media?  Are you addicted?  Comment down below and let me know!  If you agree but you can’t think of anything to say, go ahead and click like. If you’re up for one more site, hit the follow button (it’s worth it, I swear).  Peace out or whatever.


3 thoughts on “Social Media and Millennials Like Me

  1. I am honored, little Miss Twenty-ish, that you liked my adjectival neologism to have used it again.

    And yes, I do use more social media than just WordPress, although I’m still pretty new at it. I’m only on WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. (JamesClarkTNI if you’re interested in ever dealing with a guy who’s, like, 50-ish.)

    So far I’ve been able to keep it in moderation.

    Keep up the good work, young’un!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I do love the term twenty-ish, I hope you don’t mind that I kind of (okay, totally) stole it from you. I’m glad you’re keeping it in moderation. That’s an art form I admire, yet…can’t seem to put into practice. Cheers or whatever.

      Liked by 1 person

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