I live in an on-campus apartment at my university.  I love it, but there is one catch. I have to feed myself.  I’m a busy girl, what to do?  Order a bunch of pizza and sadly wallow in its cheese-y goodness?  Or step up my game?

Honestly, it depends on the day.  Still, most of the time, I eat pretty healthy.  Here’s my tips and tricks for healthy eating for one.

  1. Buy what is healthy.

I know people that buy fruit and complain it always goes to waste because they never eat it.  What are you eating in place of the fruit?  If you know you’re just going to end up snacking on junk, then don’t buy it in the first place. When you’re hungry, you’ll be forced to eat fruits and veggies instead.


  1. Plan to cook at least twice a week.

This is new to me too.  I enjoy cooking, but I don’t do it regularly.  This year, I’m going shopping about once a week to make different recipes, like vegan soup and stir fry.  I’m going to make a bunch of it, and then eat the leftovers all week long.  Ta-da!  Food!


  1. Pack your lunch.

If you’re going to eat on campus, pack something healthy in advance.  I like to use lunchboxes that look like Tupperware and have several containers within one.  That way I don’t have to carry a bulky bag everywhere I go.  (Mine even has a freezer pack that attaches on the bottom of the first compartment. So convenient!)


  1. Carry a water bottle.

Soda is awesome.  Don’t get me wrong.  But drink it sparingly!  I buy a soda or two every other week and I drink it as a treat.  If I don’t carry water with me, I tend to buy soda on campus.

water bottl.gif

  1. Wash and chop your fruit and veggies right when you get home from the store.

I don’t wash my apples or berries as I go; I wash them all in strainer as soon as I get home.  That way, when I open my fridge looking for a snack, all the fruit and veggies are ready to go, and easy to access.

chop your veggies.gif

  1. Read the nutrition facts.

Companies are great at marketing junk food as healthy, so be careful!  You would be surprised how much sugar is in a single granola bar or a flavored yogurt.  For non-perishable snack food, I buy bagged popcorn, pretzels, and dark vegan chocolate.

nutrition facts.gif

  1. Don’t be militant.

Have a sugary treat once in a while. If you don’t let yourself eat something unhealthy sometimes, you might not be as willing to keep eating healthy.  I, for one, love mochas, lattes, muffins, and cookies.  And I let myself eat them every now and again!  What is life without good food?

cookie monster

But what about you?  How do you eat healthy?  Tell me about your tricks and tips down below.  Don’t be afraid to like and comment, and give the follow button some love.  Peace out or whatever.

4 thoughts on “Eating Healthy At School: What I’ve Learned so far

  1. I’ve been religiously following a strict “home cooked food on workdays” regime for many weeks now. On the one day I order out and indulge, I notice your blog post.

    Coincidence or perhaps its the eclipse warping space time? 😛


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