I wasted today.  That’s right.  I wasn’t productive.  I watched YouTube videos instead of cleaning the bathroom, and I only left the house twice.  Both of those times were a brief walk to a friend’s house to let her dog out.

And that’s all I did today.  I pinned my lack of motivation on my lack of coffee.  We don’t have a stove in my house today, because we’re getting it replaced, and I had nowhere to boil water for my press.  We don’t own any hot plates.  I had some caffeinated tea, but guys, I don’t like tea.

I drank all of three sips, and left it on the bathroom counter, where it still resides, despite multiple complaints from my brother.  But he was mean to me this morning so he can deal with it.

Today, I didn’t read my book, I didn’t clean my room, and I haven’t worked on my blog until now.  I was completely and utterly unproductive.  I’m not even sure what I did all day.  I do know that I ate a lot of food.  But what I did in between snacks is fuzzy.  I’m pretty sure a lot of my time was spent staring at social media.

lazy itty.jpg

Today I planned on organizing my closet and tossing out clothes I didn’t wear all summer.  Instead I snapchatted my friends.  Today was a total failure.

And you know what? That’s okay.

I see a lot of blog posts about how to be productive, videos about how to pull your life together, or how to look good on low sleep.  But here’s what I’ve learned: Not every day will be productive.  I don’t care who you are, or how much you kick ass.  You probably have lazy days.  You probably have days where you spin your wheels trying to get yourself out of bed, and it doesn’t work.

When this happens, we beat ourselves up.  We call ourselves lazy, we act like we’re unaccomplished, or that this stupid day has defeated us for good.

If anything is unproductive, it’s beating yourself up.  Your attitude about your less-than industrious day is what shows you your grit, not the day itself.

My advice?  Focus on tomorrow.  Get some sleep and move on, and forget this lazy, snack-filled day and do your best in the morning.

Because really, what else can we do?

If you’ve ever had a less than productive day, go ahead and like and comment.  Don’t forget to give the follow button some love.  Peace out or whatever.

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