A Bit of an Update

Hey everyone!  I finally got back from vacation very late last night, so I apologize for neglecting to post.  I started to write, I did, and two paragraphs in it was a mess.  I was so very tired and my brain was in an applesauce-like state.

But enough with excuses.

I was really excited to get back and write a super annoying blog-post about the amazing vacation I had, and I plan to do that.  As it turns out, compiling vacation photos and making travel posts is do-able, but it might take me a while to finish.  I leave for college in less than two weeks, plus I had to go grocery shopping, unpack, make dinner, and help my mother pick up my dogs from the kennel.

What I’m attempting to communicate here is that I am quite busy from unpacking from vacation and packing for college.  And while I’m thinking about my blog constantly, I’m mostly unpacking, packing, and making tomato soup.

But there will be vacation photos and travel recommendations coming soon!  I won’t tell you where I went to build up some suspense.

Now, I am going to make quick, relatable listicle for you, if that’s alright with you.


*Shuffles index cards*

7 Things I Really Hate About Going Home After Vacation

You just returned from your big trip!  The fun is over now and you’re left feeling nostalgic and totally exhausted. Still, you’re glad to sleep in your own bed and see your goldfish.  But then the dust settles and reality returns.

  1. You don’t really have your bed back.

If you’re anything like me, your bed is covered in the contents of your suitcase.  Dirty clothes, clean clothes, cosmetics, your blow-dryer, and, somewhere, your ear buds.

messy room

  1. The Laundry.

I really need to cut back on outfit changing, or wear my jeans longer, or something.  Why did I pack so much?  How?  Why?  I was only gone for a week!

laundry meme

  1. Having to clean again

I miss housekeeping.  They were so polite and helpful.  When I left the hotel room, it was a mess.  I returned and boom!  Everything was clean and tidy.  Now I have to actually pick up after myself.

just keep cleaning

4. Food.

I miss all the yummy meals I ate while I was gone.  Now I can’t justify eating out every day, and I’m stuck cooking for myself.  Plus I can’t buy a latte every morning, either.  Now I have to brew myself a cup of regular coffee.

food memes


  1. The view

Whether it’s a city skyline or a breathtaking beach sunset, I always miss the beauty of my travel destination once I leave.  The pictures just aren’t the same.

http://www.pexels.com; See?  Not as cool as if you were there.
  1. Gift-Distributing

I always go nuts on vacation and turn into Oprah Winfrey with the souvenirs.  You get a souvenir!  And you get a souvenir!  And then I realize I have to make plans with people to give them their gifts, and they end up sitting on my desk for weeks.

Oprah presents meme

  1. The food regrets.

I miss all the yummy food, don’t get me wrong.  But I’m also regretting it, because I’m bloated and I ate way too many French fries.

bloated puffer fish

That’s all I have for today!  Like and comment and tell me all about your post-vacation woes.  Don’t forget to give the follow button some love.  Peace out or whatever.

5 thoughts on “7 Things I Hate About Unpacking (And a Brief Update)

    1. I really did make tomato soup! Once I adjust the recipe I’ll probably post it here 🙂 The goldfish is just a dumb reference to an old blog post about dying alone, though. Sadly I do not own one. But yeah half of this post was my actual list of chores for the day. My life is obviously so glamorous.

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