I was looking up ideas for a great lifestyle blog post, just to mix it up from my usual ranting.  The first idea was, “What do you do to relax after a long day?”  So I decided to let you guys in on a few of my relaxation secrets.

  1. Write a blog post.

Self-expression is always a great way to relax!  Personally, I enjoy angry, long-winded posts when I’m feeling tense.  Hell, I might even throw in some swear words!

fashion blogger magic insipiration
I’m too good for typing
  1. Drink some coffee.

There’s nothing like anxiety to go with your anxiety!  If you think you’re already tense, try a nice caffeinated beverage to realize that it can get much, much worse.

  1. Yell at someone.

My brother and I attend the same university, so this one is easy!  Just focus on some petty, stupid problem and take it out on someone else instead of dealing with the stressor.  I often get irritated, for example, when I can hear someone else’s breathing.


  1. Blame your professors for you foul mood.

If it wasn’t for that essay and the big biology test, you wouldn’t be so pissed off in the first place!  Universities these days give out so much ridiculous, pointless busy work!  It’s just not fair.

awful prof

  1. Take a nap and avoid your problems.

Close your eyes wherever you are and just pass out!  Dream of a better GPA.

napping kitty

  1. Eat your problems away.

You know what’s tasty, cheap, and available right at your building’s door?  Pizza.  I highly recommend.

pizza pizza

  1. Stress clean.

It’s not your scheduled day to do chores, but just clean your entire kitchen just in case.  While you’re at it, vacuum the rug too.  Just keep on procrastinating on that homework.


  1. Stare at Facebook.

So what it’s 99% ads?  Those are better than facing your problems, right?  Witness a Facebook fight between middle-aged adults to keep it fresh and entertaining.


  1. Stare out the window and ponder the meaning of life.

Does life have meaning, or must we invent it?  If so, what meaning am I inventing for myself?  What is my mission in life?  To follow the crowd, or be an individual?  Does it matter?  Does anything?


  1. Vine compilations.

There’s nothing better than 20 minutes of 7-second jokes to rewind!  RIP, Vine.


But what about you?  What do you to do unwind?  Comment down below to let me know, and give the follow button some love.  Peace out or whatever.


10 thoughts on “Relaxation Tips

  1. Writing.

    Writing annoying comments on WordPress.

    Writing computer programs.

    Writing chess… Oops! I mean playing chess.


    Video games!

    And by the way, sometimes 1 and 1 really do make 3… in binary!

    Nice post! I enjoy your writing… even with the occasional swear words!


    1. Hey, we all have our own ways to de-stress. I haven’t coded in binary, only C++, so I would have no clue. (I know very little about coding, my brother’s the computer science major.) Also, I agree with the movies one. I also binge Netflix shows like Jane the Virgin and Doctor Who.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s a play on a joke I use in my “Computers, Jokes, and… Shampoo?” post. (“Counting in binary is as easy as 1, 10, 11.”)

        Without going into mathematical mechanics, it’s just a silly play on how we represent numbers. We’re used to seeing two ones written together, “11”, and thinking of it as the number eleven. However, in binary, “11” is used to represent the number 3. Thus, “1 and 1 make 3.”

        I know, I know. It’s a stretch.

        Oh well… whatever.

        Happy Who-ing, you Whovian! Enjoy the new female lead! https://orwhateverweb.com/2017/07/17/whos-female/



      1. I end up giving coffee up, then finding myself in a coffee shop six months later at midnight whispering into my cup ” I just can’t quit you…” while people look on concerned lol

        Liked by 1 person

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