1. An hour feels like a week, maybe more.

It’s kind of like that long lecture when the professor keeps droning on and on, and you look at the clock, listen for a good ten minutes, glance back, and realize that 10 minutes was thirty seconds.

  1. When your family tries to talk to you, but you have your earbuds in.

Parent: Anna

Me: *Nods head along to Arctic Monkeys*

Parent: Anna

Me: *air drums*


Me: What? *takes out one earbud*

Parent: I want a snack.

Me*gives snack, puts earbud back in*

Parent: *mutters something indecipherable*

Me: *Takes earbud back out*

Parent: *says nothing*

Me:*returns earbud*

Parent: *Mutters something indecipherable*

Me: *jumps out the window*

  1. You can’t sing along to Despacito.

Apparently it’s weird if I sing along to my music.  And annoying.  Whatever, joke’s on them, they supported my Spanish minor.  No pueden decir nada.  Canto si quiero cantar, padres.

  1. They judge me when I snapchat my friends.

Seriously, what’s the point of snapchat if you can’t send your friends ugly selfies and complain about being cooped up in the car with your family?

  1. You can’t blog until WiFi happens.

You can write all you want, but posting can’t happen. (You can hotspot, but like who has unlimited data?  I already use up so much of it listening to Spotify…)

  1. I miss my doggos.

For real.  I hate leaving my pitties.  It’s been like four hours and I already miss my babies.

  1. The creeping feeling that you forgot something important.

Here I am, staring out the window, thinking about my trip, and then I wonder if I packed enough socks.  Did I triple check I had my toothbrush?  Where are my backup earbuds?

  1. Bumps in the road make it harder to type.

Waah, I know.  But I’m wearing out my backspace key here.  Everything is all smooth until alf jf a f afl

9. The Stomach Ache and Snacking Issue

Yes, I do love snacks.  And I packed a ton.  But like, I don’t want to be the first one to open them.  So I spend hours staring at the Oreo package.  Then when someone else finally breaks and grabs a bite…watch out.  Stomach aches galore, I tell you.

  1. Not being able to stretch your legs.

I’m dying.  I’m death. This is awful.  My legs fall asleep, or they cramp up.  And at some point in the car ride, after hours of just sitting, I get super lethargic.  It’s gross.

  1. The car becomes progressively less clean and organized.

It starts out pristine, with the snacks and luggage strategically placed.  But six hours in, well, chaos, I am your mistress.

  1. You get bored of your usual haunts.

There is only so long I can stare at Instagram before I get the urge to shrivel up and die.  It’s hard to find new ways to entertain yourself in the car.  Thankfully, I brought books.  So many books.

  1. You end up feeling like you’re annoying your friends.

I’m bored so…I’ll message everybody!!  Haha it’s time to send them all dank memes until I reach my destination.

  1. Your brother reads over your shoulder while you’re typing.

God, just play your video games and leave me alone over there.  I’m a dedicated blogger.

  1. You realize you need to branch out on your music.

I’m spending hours listening to my music, and I need new artists.  Even if I never get tired of Nirvana and *sob* Soundgarden.

  1. The car temperature is never right.

I’m too cold without my sweatshirt, and too hot with it.

  1. Right when you kick your shoes off, everyone suddenly needs to stop.

Seriously?  I shouldn’t have worn combat boots.  Give me five minutes to lace them back up.

  1. You have to pee when no one else in the car does.

And then it’s all your fault when rush hour traffic happens.

  1. All of the weird Jesus-y signs.

I saw one that just read, HELL IS REAL.  Like, calm down, guys.  I respect religions of all kinds, but really?  I’m in the car with my family.  I definitely believe you right now.

  1. The annoying GPS voice.

It sounds like a mixture of a robot and disappointed mother.  I’m used the latter, but come on.

  1. That weird feeling you get when you pass by towns.

Who lives in them?  What are their lives like?  Will you ever cross paths?

  1. You start thinking way too much.

It can’t be a quality listicle unless I mention one of my infamous existential crises.  When I stare out the window, and listen to deep music, my mind begins to ponder the meaning of life, and 42, and wonders if I remembered my towel.

23. Silos

I pass so many silos, and I just start to realize that I have no clue what they are or how they work.  Why are they so tall?  Help.

  1. My parents’ music.

In between my songs I listen to with earbuds, I hear some awful music.  I can’t believe my dad thinks Eye of the Tiger is decent.  …and now it’s stuck in my head.  Great.

  1. You’re not at all productive.

When I take mini trips during the school year, I always convince myself that I’ll do that required reading during the car ride there.  Lies.  Lies, I tell you.  I’m twenty-ish and I’ve never done homework in the car.  It’s a joke.

Well, that’s all my brain can think of right now.  Actually, that’s a lie.  My brother broke into the snacks, and I’m off to go stuff my face.  And listen to every album in existence by The Pixies and They Might Be Giants and Santana and Cake and Plumtree.

What do you hate about lengthy car rides?  Like and comment to let me know or whatever. And don’t hesitate to give the follow button some love.  Peace out.


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            1. It happens to the best of us. I accidentally called the vice president of my school’s robotics team the president and vice versa when I was a journalist for my high school newspaper. Oops.

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