Unless you live under a rock, it’s likely you’ve heard about the lovely Donald Trump’s latest antic: banning transgender people from serving in the military via Twitter.  As it turns out, contrary to my understanding of how laws work, Twitter declarations mean nothing to the United States’ legal system.

Go figure.

The New York Times reported today that despite the president’s public, online temper tantrum, no law regarding transgender military personnel has actually changed, and they are currently still allowed to serve under their own gender identity.  Unless the White House sends a rule change and the secretary of Defense gives new guidelines, everything will remain intact, according to General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

That’s a bit of immediate relief, but I do fear something changing.  I do fear discrimination in the United States military.

Because, dear reader, trans rights are civil rights, human rights.  No one should ever have the power to take those rights away.  And it is my strong belief that someone who would even think, for a split second, to suspend those rights should ever be in a position of high political power.  Civil rights cannot and should not be sacrificed for political gain of any sort, nor should one’s citation for taking those rights be monetary.

trans flag.png

Health care?  A civil right.  Trans rights?  Also civil rights.  I believe this very strongly.  Neither of these rights immediately affect me, because I am lucky enough to afford healthcare, and I am privileged enough to be cisgender.  But it is of my moral character to fight for my brothers and sisters that are less privileged than I am.  Because they are just as human, and just as worthy of rights.

Lately, the news has caused me heartache.  Before this outrage, I was working on a completely different post for my blog.  But in this fight for equality, I refuse to stay silent.  I feel like running out onto the street and screaming, “Trans rights are human rights!”

Be glad I decided to post on my blog instead.

Also, I ask that anyone posting in the comments be sensitive to these issues and use proper terminology and refrain from any hateful commentary.

Thanks, and have a lovely day or whatever.

source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/27/us/politics/transgender-military-trump-ban.html

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