“Well you’re in your little room,

And you’re working on something good,

But if it’s really good,

You’re gonna need a bigger room.”

-The White Stripes, Little Room

I adore the song Little Room by the White Stripes.  And, dear readers, right now, I’m in a little room.  But I’m working on something good.  And I’m hoping that one day, I’ll need a bigger room.  Regardless, I’m willing to stay in my little forever if it means I can blog forever.

white stripes

I have friends that know fashion and makeup, I have an asthmatic friend that sings like Adele (seriously, she’s a prodigy), and I have friends that can draw and sculpt and paint.  One of my childhood best friends can throw a punch; she’s a black belt, and my brother spends his free time coding games on Steam.

As for me, well, I’ve usually been the one that reads books and spits out random facts on the regular.  Just last month when my mom was buying wine, she pointed to a cheap bottle and said she didn’t like it.  I told her that a book I was reading stated that we invent taste as much as we record it, and if someone had told her the wine was more expensive she probably would have experienced its taste much differently.

I believe she flicked me in the forehead and told me to shut up.

Which, yeah, I probably deserved.

But finally, I feel like I’ve found something to invest myself in.  I don’t care if I’m in my little room for eternity, because this blog means so much to me.  The learning curve is huge, and every day I’m finding new ways to be a better blogger.  Still, my dream of becoming a writer has really come true with my little corner of the internet.

One of my best friends has a video game YouTube channel.  Another dresses up like a fashionista.  And I, well, I blog.

What are your hobbies?  How long have you had them?  Are you working on something really good?  Let me know down below.  And have a wonderful day or whatever.

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