1. Bake

When I get bored, food happens.  Tonight I made a batch of banana nut muffins for no apparent reason.  Regardless, this hobby is rewarding as hell and really entertaining.  (If you’re like me and you enjoy randomly adding ingredients to recipes to “see it this tastes good”.)

baking meme

  1. Power clean

I do not mean to sound like a housewife here, with my baking and cleaning.  But bored times call for desperate measures!  I once cleaned my bathroom from tub to toilet when there was nothing else to do.  I should add that it had been cleaned three days before and was perfectly hygienic.  But still.

cleaning meme

  1. Listen to music with your volume way up.

When was the last time you really appreciated your favorite Nirvana song?  When I’m bored out of my skull, I enjoy listening to music really intensely.  I catch every lyric and every drum strike, and it’s awesome.  Go ahead and judge me after you try.

music meme

  1. Scroll through the Internet looking for random recipes

See Item 1.

  1. Stare at sub-par snack food

I open up my refrigerator, feel disappointed, and then go to the pantry to find nothing palatable.  Then I return to the fridge, stare at all the food I don’t want, and then go the pantry to do the same thing.  Next, I repeat the whole process, but I stare at each food source longer.  Eventually, I begin to wonder what the point of this process is, and then what the point of anything is, really, if everything I do and say will one day never matter…

  1. Have an existential crisis

Why?  What’s the point?  I just don’t understand.  Is life just a scream in the void?

  1. Start a blog

This one’s really weird.  I started this blog, God knows why, and it’s actually getting views.  It’s called-oh, wait.

  1. Pet my dogs

Usually, they’re napping somewhere around the house.  I just go up to them and blow on their faces to get back at them for all the times they woke me up way too early.  Then I pet them and play with their ears while they try to fall back asleep.

dog memes

  1. Look up mansions for sale

I plan to go into academia, so, no I’ll never have one.  But damn, some people are straight up bougie and it’s kind of fun to wish I was like them judge them.

  1. Social Media

I enjoy opening up my Instagram, seeing that there’s no new posts from the last time I checked, closing out of it, and then immediately opening it back up because I forgot I checked three seconds ago.

  1. Reading old diary entries

I have diaries dating back to junior high.  I opened one up the other day and spent the rest of my afternoon wondering why the hell I was so angst ridden.  And cringey.  Actually, I don’t recommend this one.

  1. Compiling Lists

I occasionally do this weird thing where I make lists of random things.  But you wouldn’t know anything about that.

That’s all I have for you guys.  So tell me, what do you do when you’re bored?  Comment below and let me know.


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