I want to post something today.  I want to post something original, life-altering, and seamlessly written.  I want perfection and conviction and beauty, all tied together in one post.  But I also got out of the shower today and changed from my pajama bottoms to my yoga pants.  At five-thirty pm.  And for the last half an hour, I have been writing and deleting potential blog posts.

My brain has no ammunition today. It’s full of little bits and pieces of ideas, but forgot the glue to hold them together.  They’re just floating around in cerebral fluid, drifting aimlessly through grey matter.  And here I am, an unfortunate blogger, victim to my own mind, unable to type out anything worthwhile, but committed to posting something.

Keeping it Real

So here you go.  Here is my writing on an off-day, when my own ideas betray me and take the day off. I guess everyone has these days.

Except maybe Shakespeare.  I feel like he had a handle on life.

I mean, here I am, just trying to make a rant sound good, and I’m struggling.  I don’t have to make anything rhyme, let alone tap out iambic pentameter.  And I’m pretty sure he has more plays than I have blog posts.

But everything is under control. I got this.

Here’s a piece for you that is maybe not completely original, but honest.  It might not change your life, but I hope it entertained you for a bit.  And as for my writing, well, I think we both know that it’s enough to make you hit the subscribe button. (cough)

Cheers to useless days and yoga pants.  May we cherish them forever.

Do you have sub-par days, or are you superwoman?  How’s your writing when you’re tired?  Let me know in the comments or whatever.

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